Why is purchasing insurance from brokers better?

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The reason why broker is suitable to purchase car insurance in Thailand

 In Thailand, there are several insurance channels available to insureds who wish to acquire insurance other than automobile insurance. These channels include agents, brokers, agencies, bancassurance, and others. Many popular insurance providers for automotive insurance are Viriyah insurance, MSIG insurance, and others. However, I would explain and give the reason why acquiring through a broker is preferable to buying directly from insurance companies.

1.      Low premium rate

When you purchase automobile insurance in Thailand through a broker, the insurance premiums are lower and the option or coverage is better than purchasing directly from the insurance company. Because the broker has a large client base and strong connections or relationships with numerous prominent insurance companies, that is why brokers may better negotiate or bargain for price reductions than the insurance company.

2.      Able to choose the best insurance policy

As a result of the broker’s strong relationships with insurance companies, the broker can bring various and differentiated coverage from the insurance companies, allowing the insured to compare the coverage, insurance premium, sum insured, and others and choose the best or appropriate one, which may differ from purchasing directly from insurance companies. Compared to the insured, you have less options because there is just one firm and a restricted insurance policy that you must purchase. If you buy from an insurance company, it is not flexible.

3.      Easy to claim

When you buy insurance through a broker, the claim process is simplified and the problem of the claim is reduced since the broker may assist with the process of making a claim and filing a claim with the insurance company for the insured to avoid misunderstandings. Because some people are unaware of the process and regulations. As a result, the broker can deal with the insurance company better than the insured request the claim directly with the insurance company.

These are the top three reasons why buying insurance through a broker is better than buying directly from an insurance company. However, every insurance channel has advantages and disadvantages. You must be careful and aware. A reputable broker should provide a wide range of policies from several of Thailand’s leading insurance companies, allowing the insured to compare the benefits and drawbacks of each policy in terms of insurance premiums, coverage, and other pertinent information.

From all information listed above, I highly recommend you to purchase car insurance in Thailand with the broker, especially Rabbit Care insurance broker, because they meet all of the three reasons listed above. The premium rate of Rabbit Care is reasonable and can be reduced up to 70% in the next year if your car has a good record and has not been claimed. Moreover, there are many insurance plans from the insurance companies that allow you to compare the coverage, or insurance premium to select the best one such as Tokio Marine Group, LMG insurance, and others. The claim process of Rabbit Care is not complicated and very quick. If the accident occurs, you are allowed to contact the surveyor for roadside assistance services all the time and repairment cost will be paid by the insurer.