What’s Your Favorite Way to Procrastinate?

I’m a master at procrastinating, as most writers are. Since I waited until the last minute to put in writing my Thursday publish-is it Wednesday already?-, I notion it would be becoming to write down a post on our favorite approaches to procrastinate.

What is it about writing that makes us procrastinate?
Is it the worry of rejection? The worry that our finished work might be judged? The self-doubt that tells us we’re not precise sufficient? Or is it the ones stressful thoughts that tell us our writing tasks are “killing” us?

I agree with we procrastinate for all of these reasons (and more). Maybe not all at once, but one here, one there.

It’s a funny aspect, this concept of procrastinating, and we like to funny story about it. On the flip facet, if we don’t subsequently take charge, procrastination (a form of resistance) will take the reins.

I’ve written several posts on procrastination (you may discover a few related posts indexed at the stop of this submit), but I have by no means written a fun post about it. I idea it was time!

A long term ago, I wrote an article on a writer’s advantages of looking TV. It mentioned how a author can glean plenty sincerely by using watching her favourite TV shows and taking notes. The fine a part of the complete deal is that, since you’re gaining some cost from it, you don’t have to feel responsible approximately it.

The factor is, there are approaches you may gain from procrastinating, but you have to be the one in price so that you can make use of it.

What’s your favorite way to procrastinate?

Watching TV
It’s smooth to do. All you do is sit down at the sofa and watch the display. As writers, we experience we should be doing something more productive. Don’t we? Reading a ebook could be better-that, at the least, is a part of our job as a author.

It’s a laugh, isn’t always it? You can daydream approximately something you want. All it costs you is time.

Chatting on the cellphone
This is in reality not certainly one of my favorites, but perhaps it is yours.

Playing video games
I enjoy playing Fowl Words on Merriam-Webster.Com. What’s your favored recreation for procrastinating?

Surfing the Internet
I even have an affinity to surfing books online. Not sudden; I love books.

Doing family chores
Again, not my favorite, but it has a manner of getting ideas flowing.

Reading a e book
Not fantastically, reading books is my preferred way to procrastinate. It’s part of my task, sure, however I have a tendency to overdo it, which pushes it into procrastination territory. But it does have many advantages.

Dare to make use of your procrastination talents!

Once you’ve got determined your favorite way to procrastinate, start making it give you the results you want. Think of methods you may procrastinate, but nonetheless acquire a winning the game of procrastination review gain that is relevant to your writing. For example, if you like to browse books on-line, begin searching out books to your genre. This will come up with a head begin whilst it comes time to do your marketplace studies in your new e-book.

Do you want to daydream? Focus on a story idea and spot wherein it takes you. Lead with questions and seek the answers.

If you like to talk, run a few thoughts by way of the opposite man or woman. Do a brief brainstorming session with him. It should assist you benefit insight or a feel of path to your new writing undertaking.

If you’re up for the task, I’d like to pay attention how you will flip procrastination into productiveness!

Happy Writing (Er…Procrastinating)!

Jody Calkins is a author and editor with 15 years of enjoy. She helps groups and independent writers beautify their writing paintings, and her work consists of copywriting and enhancing enterprise documents and advertising and marketing materials which includes articles, case studies, newsletters, and reports, in addition to writing and enhancing brief stories, articles, and books (each fiction and nonfiction).