Top five new BTS Sky train line in the future


          Nowadays, there is a significant demand for people who utilize public transportation, particularly the BTS sky train, because the route of the BTS in each line includes numerous travel sites in Thailand, making it highly convenient. The BTS system consists of 8 lines with 141 BTS stations totaling 211.94 kilometers in length. Allowing you to simply go to another location in Thailand. I’d like to list the top five BTS line that will open in the near future:

1.      Purple Line

It is sometimes referred to as the southern extension of the Purple Line. Tao Poon to Rat Burana is approximately 23.6 kilometers in length. Both subterranean stations will be built to establish a runway tunnel between Tao Poon Station and Dao Khanong, running through the National Library, Phan Fa Road, and the Phra Phuttha Yot Cha Bridge. However, the project is scheduled to begin construction this year and open in 2570.

2.      Red Line

The Red Line of the BTS now runs from Bang Sue to Rangsit. There are 8.84-kilometer-long extension projects from Rangsit to Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus. Furthermore, at 2569, there are plans to open an extension from Taling Chan to Salaya and Siriraj, with a total distance of 14.8, and 4.3 kilometers, respectively. Surprisingly, there are projects with a total length of 25.9 kilometers from Bang Sue-Hua ram pong-Hua Mark BTS station on 2571.

3.      Orange Line

          It is now from Bang Khun Non to Min Buri and covers a total distance of 35.9 kilometers. However, there are proposals to build a 22.5-kilometer-long extension of the eastern part of Orange Line from Thailand Cultural Centre to Minburi. It is currently under construction and is projected to be finished and open in 2567. In addition, the western section from Bang Khun Non to the Thailand Cultural Centre will open in 2571.

4.      Brown Line

It is scheduled to open in 2568, covering a distance of 22.1 kilometers from Khae Rai to Lam Sali. The route is linked to the public transportation system via train, which includes the Purple, Pink, Red, Green, Gray, Orange, and Yellow BTS lines.

5.      Gray Line

          The route is 19 kilometers long and runs from Watcharaphon to Thonglor. It is regarded as a supplementary mass transit route project in Bangkok, linking the route from the northern suburbs to the city center, with the goal of alleviating traffic congestion on Sukhumvit Road, Sathorn Road, and Rama 3 Road. The northern gray route is scheduled to open in 2570.


These are the top five new BTS lines in Thailand that will open in the future. However, if you plan to live in Thailand for the long term, I highly recommend that you purchase a car to drive in Thailand to be more comfortable and flexible on your trip. And don’t forget to purchase car insurance in Thailand as well from Rabbit Care. Since if your car is damaged from a car accident while driving in Thailand, the repairing costs are covered under the policy. Advantageously, you can receive roadside assistance services all the time when the accident occurs.