Saint Joseph Saint Hubertus

The present goal of governments wanting to stay in power is to secure greater business opportunities and an expanding economy. This particular obsession with power disregards the future accumulation of unsustainable debt, resulting in inevitable demoralising chaos, and in continual conflict.

This science of chaos, is governed by the second Hunting Necklace law of thermodynamics, which Albert Einstein referred to as the ‘Premier Law of all of Science’. His colleague, Sir Arthur Eddington, called it the ‘Supreme Metaphysical Law of the Entire Universe’. In his most famous Saint Hubertus essay entitled ‘A Freeman’s Worship’, Lord Bertrand Russell wrote that we had no other choice but to worship the law in a total anguish of despair, devoid of any sustainable natural ethic arguing otherwise. Very recent scientific discoveries have confirmed that this philosophery of science was dangerously wrong.

These discoveries also validated the original basis of science, which was constructed in ancient Greece. The Platonic tradition of Geek philosophy had been used for centuries Saint Hubertus to fuse ethics into a model of creation called the Nous, postulated during the 5th Century BC by the father of cosmological science, Anaxagoras. He thought that a supreme creator of our world left our section of the universe in order to construct others elsewhere, leaving us with freewill to develop an ethical purpose for the evolution of life.

By the 3rd Century BC, the resulting Atomistic science derived from fusing ethics into the Nous, was taught at the Greek universities, The Lyceum and The Saint Hubertus Academy. The science became known as the ‘Science for Ethical Ends’, which was also compatible with the 3rd Century BC Atomistic ‘Science of universal love’, taught at the University, Ho Kepos.

When the Great Library of Alexandria was burned in 415 AD, most of the mathematical scrolls about these sciences were destroyed as the works of the Devil, plunging Saint Hubertus Western civilisation into the Dark Ages. As the new discoveries now demonstrate, we were literately left with a culture devoid of sustainable scientific ethics.

The Cornell University Library posted about one of these discoveries, made by two Chinese scientists in 2011. The scientists used mathematics to demonstrate that proteins in DNA continuously enfolded into shapes, in order to evolve in contradiction to the Einsteinian World-view. Ten years Saint Hubertus earlier, the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, had predicted this protein phenomena to exist, an idea that had been derived from the Platonic Science for Ethical Ends.

The science of quantum mechanics has been accepted as being the basis of modern science since 1927. This science encompassed an erroneous concept of continual chaos, thought to lead eventually to the destruction of all life in the universe. In order to correct the destructive ramifications of this ‘Greed Energy Law’ governing current economics, politics, technology and quantum science, we must upgrade and modify quantum mechanics accordingly to the new discoveries.