FTP Hosting For Advertising Agencies and Marketers

Transfer, Share and Save Large Files Fast!
If your Agency is involved in any of the areas listed below, you will greatly benefit from an FTP website hosting service!

Company Brand
Lead Management
Direct Mail Design
Identity & Logo Design
Creative Copy Development
Digital Solutions (internet sites, etc.)
Print design
Media Research and Placement
Trade Show Design and Management
Promo – Broadcast and Live
The List Continues…
The list of benefits is many. We have listed a few below:
No File Size Limit

With your new FTP hosting website, you don’t have to worry 중국배대지 about the size of your documents or whether your company’s firewall will block them.

Eliminate Overnight Charges (no more FedEx or UPS overnight fees)

Your greatest benefits are: increased productivity and responsiveness with clients and suppliers, and elimination of overnight shipping costs (no more overnight FedEx or UPS fees),

Your basic monthly fee for your FTP hosting website is less than one FedEx or UPS overnight delivery!

Convenient and Economic

Your clients and dealers will immediately benefit from the convenience and savings of your new private FTP hosting website. Remember that it doesn’t matter how big your record is, what type it is, or how big you have. Your new FTP site will accommodate all your needs as well as your clients and suppliers.

Private Client and Vendor File Folders (with password protection)

Each of your clients will benefit from their own secure on-line FTP file folder that only they can access (of course you can too). They will have the ability to upload, download, modify, rename, add and delete documents at their leisure.

Secure Online Storage

Equally important is the security of your records. FTP Fast’s on-line FTP website hosting service allows you to store reports on-line in a secure way. You don’t have to worry about compromise and you can control who has access to your reports.

Multi-location Company

FTP hosting is perfect for companies that have multiple locations or that simply need a high level of flexibility and convenience.

Custom Solution

Most on-line FTP service providers will create a custom solution for you. They can customize FTP storage sites to suit your individual needs. All you have to do is ask!